Bar counter area with high stools at Muze Lounge & Terrasse

Our menu

California-style cuisine with Vegan and Gluten Free Options


Muze Lounge & Terrasse serves healthy California-style cuisine crafted from seasonal ingredients, with gluten-free and vegan options available.


*Our prices do not include taxes or service charges. 15% gratuity charge will automatically be added for groups of eight people and more.



Grilled Octopus  | 28

coconut almond coulis, chimichurri, coriander, tomato and cucumber salad


Angus Beef Tataki  | 22  

candied Orange, wakame seeweed, ginger and soy


Tuna Tartare  | 20  

sesame, guacamole, roasted pepper coulis, nori chips, fluid ginger gel and coconut


(2) Coconut Shrimps Tacos  | 19

Butterfly coconut shrimp, mango vinaigrette, cabbage, tomato and jalapeño

Extra tacos: 8


(2) Teriyaki Chicken Tacos   | 18

Teriyaki chicken, guacamole, carrots, candied peppers, green onion, tomato, jalapeño, pickled onion, teryiaki sauce

Extra tacos: 7


Delicious taco plates served on a table, Muze Lounge & Terrasse

To share 



1/2 DZ.   |    21

1 DZ.   |    39


Charcuterie Board  | 27 

Prosciutto, pork rillette, calabrese, salami, croutons, marinated vegetables, mustard 


Cheese Platter  | 27

Brie, Louis d'or, Le Douanier, 14 Arpents, pineapple chutney and cajun nuts mix


Guacamole      | 18

Grilled corn guacamole, jalapeño, pineapple and tortilla chips 

Healthy green veggie salad served at Muze Lounge & Terrasse
A lady pouring special sauce to dish at Muze Lounge & Terrasse

Main Courses

Vierge-passion cod  | 33  

Cod cooked in banana leaf, vierge-passion sauce, sweet potato, bell pepper and sautéed vegetables


Californian burger  | 31 

Angus Beef burger, onions, avocado, dried sun tomatoes mayo, swiss cheese, served with sweet potato, BBQ sauce and green salad


Angus Beef Short Ribs  | 39

Barbecue sauce, butternut squash gratin, sautéed vegetables and kale chips


Malibu poke bowl 

Rice, Radish, corn, edamame, avocado, sesame, pineapple, wakame, tandoori sauce

Tuna   |    25

Salmon   |    24

Tofu   |    23  


Green papaya salad     | 22

Tiger shrimps, lime, ginger, green papaya, nappa cabbage, carrots, soy sprout, roasted peanuts and sesame

Beef tataki dish served at Muze Lounge & Terrasse